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HP mt20 mt43 Battery pk HP ProBook 645 655 G3 Battery

懸賞 2017年 02月 23日 懸賞

A MT20 Mobilen Thin Clients Mobilen Thin Clients cover inherited the consistent use of concentric circle drawing texture, is still CNC CNC machine tools by stamping process, maintain a high force as in the past. Although it seems that there is a clear texture of the drawing, but it has not felt a clear sense of stripes, but more like matte.

It is worth mentioning that, MT20 Mobilen Thin Clients with a 1080P Full HD resolution AUO IPS screen, and matte anti glare technology, not only the color performance, but also to adapt to the more use of the environment. The top of the screen (from left to right) is the light sensor, camera, camera status indicator. There is a circle around the screen shockproof rubber pad, on the one hand, can protect the screen when the accident falls, you can also cover the cover to avoid direct collision with the C.

Mobilen Thin Clients is used with a dorsal island style keyboard before the same buttons feel, can only be said to be satisfactory, not what amazing place, which should be regarded as the common problem of all thin, after all, in such a small thickness is difficult to provide key process long enough. Different from other brands, MT20 Mobilen Thin Clients with built-in HP mt20 Battery will switch button and button design together, and with the same appearance, only in cap on the design of a power status indicator. This design can ensure the C surface clean, but for the blind friends, more or less increased when the Delete error according to the probability to shut down key.

ProBook 645 upgrade in GTX1050Ti alone, this card with the desktop version specifications are very close, the gap between the least bit stream, with 768 CUDA processing unit, 32 grating unit, 64 texture units, 128bit GDDR5 4GB memory.

In the 3Dmark test, ProBook 645 equipped with GTX1050Ti outstanding performance, on behalf of DX12 API Time Spy won a score of 2368, give full play to their strength. In the Firestrike /EX project, which represents DX11's traditional games, ProBook 645 with 6cell HP ProBook 645 G3 Battery also performed well.

Next, we also adopted the overall performance of the PCMark 8 of the product was evaluated, test items for Home accelerated, which includes several Web browsing, word processing, image processing, video processing and other aspects of the game, the actual application mode close to the user, from the final score of 3580, ProBook 645 is a very performance good notebook products, because in the PCMark 8 test can reach 3000 points above the machine is not too much.

This machine is equipped with Intel core i5-6200U processor, 14nm process based on the core code named Skylake, using the 2 core 4 thread design, the initial frequency of 2.30GHz, sharing the three level cache is 3MB, the standard TDP 15W. We use the CINEBENCH R15 on the performance of this processor is tested, the single core score of 108 points, two score of 275 points, the overall performance is excellent, it should be said to deal with all kinds of current mainstream applications can provide good operation performance.

This "strong" CPU performance so small to see the notebook on the platform of CPU one of the best is what. It is easy to achieve high frequency of 3.5Ghz or more, or 4 core 8 thread structure; the theory of performance close to desktop I5-6600K shows its powerful.

In the face of such a powerful machine, I can only say that it is the designer Darksteel Epee in the backpack, delicate work is powerful. If there is anything else to say, that is: P71 is a good computer, the pursuit of performance engineers and three designers are worth a.

Solid state drive to enhance the experience for all to see, mt43 Mobilen Thin Clients equipped with a 240GB solid state drive and HP mt43 Battery, through the AS SSD Benchmark test can be seen, it's hard disk read and write ability is quite good. Next, we also adopted the overall performance of the PCMark 8 of the product was evaluated, test items for Home, Creative, Work three projects, including several Web browsing, word processing, image processing, video processing and so on, close to the user's actual application mode.

Interface design, ProBook 655 as the body part is thin, so there is no CD-ROM configuration. From the above two pictures can be seen on the left side of the fuselage configuration of the safety lock, 2 USB 3 ports and 1 3.5mm headset microphone jack; on the right side of the fuselage is equipped with a card reader, 1 USB 3 ports, 1 HDMI ports, RJ-45 Ethernet port and power jack.

ProBook 655 C surface panel using HP ProBook 655 G3 Battery the same pattern and cover and material, and adopted a more classic black and red color. Although a little less personality, but more calm. In addition, the C panel and touch the surface of a A surface that unlike Zhise, instead of using a layer of smooth surface, the more gentle touch.

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ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA Battery and DELL Latitude 3380 Battery

懸賞 2017年 02月 22日 懸賞

The display on the screen, we can see from the above more intuitive: on the one hand, the 1920 * 1080 Full HD resolution on a 14 inch screen really makes the picture more delicate; on the other hand, fog screen anti glare effect also is very good, even at noon sunlight condition. We can still clearly see the screen.

Little difference between 24 hours and before the 3DS Max baking machine, still no surprises, no change Carlton, but also the temperature remained unchanged. Dual fan cooling system of MSI WT73 is also very awesome, to ensure the stable operation of MSI WT73. We simulate the designer's daily work, with the highest load project continuous testing for 72 hours, including 24 hours and 48 hours of 3DS AE rendering Max MSI WT73 rendering, all guarantees do not crash, restart, and complete the baking machine after the test, the fluency is still maintained at a high standard. Continuous high load operation without problems, the studio is pursuing the PC in this way.

In order to reduce the thickness of 3380 with 6cell DELL Latitude 3380 Battery is not equipped with a larger RJ45 standard cable port, but in today's WIFI technology is so advanced today, the network interface for users with no special requirements basically have no what necessary. From the above we can see that, whether it is from the interface layout of the beautiful, or practical expansion, 3380 of the performance is very good, the hottest Thunderbolt 3 interface is also added to the.

This computer is loaded with a AMD Pro A8-8600B (Carrizo Architecture) processor. The APU consists of a quad core processor with a frequency of 1.6GHz, and the maximum frequency of its dynamic acceleration is theoretically up to 3.0GHz. The APU of our tester reached a 2.1GHz speed under the test. In the single thread performance test its speed occasionally reached 3.0GHz. The reason for its low dynamic acceleration is its TDP. HP will set his TDP to 15 watts, making it power consuming with Intel ULV ultra low voltage processors. As a result, this CPU must be at a lower performance in order to achieve low voltage.

This laptop runs very smoothly, and we don't have any problems with it. It scored well on the PCMark benchmark. It is not surprising that the benchmark scores are suddenly wrong.

For designers, the main tools into a computer, but for the pursuit of the past and choose the right feeling like the brush, computer purchase should also be the case in the fine, choose the most suitable for their own products. But a product that has its own character, and not good is good, still need to pay attention to some of the usual habit of using computer. For a mobile workstation, indispensable configuration and strong portability, DELL TravelMate P259 is not only the configuration stronger, more relative to the core in instruction set, which can be applied to various fields, often need to consider the shot out of mobile office professionals.

Processor performance we use three series of test software CINEBENCH for its performance test, the results obtained for reference only. The first is the test results of the CINEBENCH R10, which received 7063 points of the single core, multi-core, OpenGL score of 6802. In the CINEBENCH R11.5 test, the processor OpenGL access to 43.18fps, multi-core 7.30pts. Finally, in the CINEBENCH R15 test, the processor multi-core 673cb, 4cell ASUS UX3410U Battery,OpenGL get 49.71fps. Processor single test results the processor is positioned on the mobile platform processor.

After the actual test, ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA 11 E file graphics score of 8902 points in the 3Dmark 3Dmark P file graphics score of 5703 points, while the X file graphics score of 1851 points. The actual performance of the machine shows that it is a high-end mobile models, the game performance is relatively good.

In addition, the sixth generation core processor configuration, SSD+HDD collocation, unique cooling methods plus JBL audio authentication, enough to make ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA become an excellent game this. I believe that under the new mold of good genes, ASUS will launch more configuration better ZenBook UX3410UA series products, let us wait and see.

Zenbook UX3410UA with built-in ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA Battery after the wind direction will be designed to eliminate the front-end noise source, to prevent the return of hot air and does not affect the side of the use of the mouse. Affected by the internal space of the fuselage with a low voltage processor, fan area is relatively small, then its heat effect in the end how?

Although the Yoga A12 with the previous generation of 710s is a little difference, but by the appearance can immediately see the difference, by Yoga A12 of the left wrist placement, fingerprint identification has been added to the resolution, and to the Windows Hello Windows 10 system collocation function, can play a security protection function of Windows 10 under the emphasis. In addition, the output of Yoga A12 configuration into the port is also different from 710s, the left side of the fuselage in addition to USB 3, and a support DisplayPort USB signal Type-C port, used to transfer files, and other external audio devices, so there is no HDMI configuration on the body, to the right side of the fuselage is USB 2 and SD card reader.

The PCMark 8 Office mode is mainly simulation document processing, measured 4009 points, then to simulate the word processing, web browsing, video calls and Home situations, measured about 3006 points, to maintain a certain level of achievement. In addition, because the Yoga A12 with 4cell LENOVO Yoga A12 Battery NVIDIA GeForce 940MX configuration independent display chip, using 3DMark for laptop and household table test of the Cloud Gate mode, about 6797 points, the score is standard, but only implicit models about 2000 points higher, raise about 20% efficiency scores range, although not significantly ascension, but may be a little help. And equipped with NVMe PCIe interface 256GB SSD is a big advantage, using CrystalDiskMark test for sequential reading measured about 1520 MB/s to about 300.4 MB/s, in the file access speed of the outstanding performance, also let the whole maintain good fluidity.

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LENOVO ThinkPad P71 P51 P51s Battery and DELL Latitude 5580 Battery

懸賞 2017年 02月 19日 懸賞

Interface, P71 is equipped with 4 USB3.0 interface, SD card reader, 2 Type-C Thunderbolt V3 interface, HDMI interface, Mini Display interface RJ45 cable interface, smart card reader slot and. This interface configuration is not only very luxurious, but P71 let the machine left and right and rear are uniformly distributed in the interface (both USB TYPE-A interface), a great convenience for daily use.

The cell configuration, P71 uses a eight core 96Wh battery, and support independent disassembly, and this design is of great convenience to the users for battery maintenance and replacement, can largely prolong life time performance of the machine itself. Fully open state of 3.5 hours of life time, for such a heavy notebook is considered a good achievement - after all, even if it is broken almost invincible mobile workstation ah

Details of the fuselage design, P71 with 12cell LENOVO ThinkPad P71 Battery also shows the ThinkPad for the perfect dedication. Press type fingerprint identification system are chamfer, safety performance bursting diplomatically are the product of the pursuit of details. In the whole machine feel, matte paint also gives a strong and reassuring feeling, feel calm and solid, classic feel full.

Large touch panel, feel very delicate, the top three buttons feel very comfortable, compared to the keyboard keys are more flexible. On the left side of the interface, from left to right: power socket, VGA interface, HDMI interface, USB interface 2 x 3.

Memory 5580 using a single channel 8GB DDR4-1866 memory, timing of 13-13-13-30. In the AIDA64 cache and memory test to read the speed of 11338MB/s, written as 8623MB/s, copy 8921MB/s, delay of 114.2ns, the results are pretty good.

The Latitude 5580 is configured with a 256GB SSD, we tested CrystalDiskMark and TxBENCH two software, in the CrystalDiskMark test in the hard disk of the sequential read speed of 531.4MB/s, sequential write speed is 483.4MB/s, the speed is very ideal. TxBENCH test scores are higher, sequential read, write speed reached 545MB/s, 502MB/s.

By detecting the information of GPU-Z can see, the Latitude 5580 AMD Radeon R8 M435DX graphics card used in graphics, 8 grating unit, 24 texture shader unit number 384, the core frequency is 1030MHz, 6cell DELL Latitude 5580 Battery,memory is DDR3 2G.

P51 on the screen to do a professional, but the studio, the screen display of the color is not necessarily true, there may be color, color for a long time will gradually become larger. A lot of design studio will be equipped with color correction apparatus, and the P51 is very rare with X-RiTe Pantone professional color correction device, the screen cover takes a little time to complete the adjustment of color screen, eliminating the need to set the instrument training time, improve efficiency. This point in the general designer PC is very rare, but also from time to time to remind software for color correction, ensure the product design studio on the screen is the actual appearance, not because the screen color affect the actual effect.

P51 on the surface of the C joined the fingerprint recognition, which is not used to the traditional scratch fingerprint recognition, but the same as iPhone and convenient fingerprint recognition. In the studio, in order to protect the original design is not stolen, safety is worth studying. ThinkPad gave P51 a gilded signboard special security guarantee, and press type fingerprint decreased with the increase of safety brought trouble, let the designer more efficient encryption / unlock your computer, do not mind the lengthy password with the troublesome unlock.

Also in the face of C we can see the outstanding control part of P51, which has always been the advantage of ThinkPad notebook, but also after generations of outstanding products to form a unique practice. The control part P51 is to attract attention, the key is curved slightly concave, the lower edge is round, like a touch of hard plastic so stiff, very moist, key process and resilience are more comfortable, the more need for their own experience rather than our description. In addition to the keyboard, six button touchpad P51 with LENOVO ThinkPad P51 Battery operation is also very awesome, collocation classic red dot design, do not leave the region can achieve most of the keyboard and mouse operation.

The fuselage is also loaded with the same gold, with black six row QWERTY keyboard, which is the most pen can some black keyboard configuration, if you can use the same series of gold, is believed to be more pleasing. Also because the mini, space is limited, so there is no other configuration shortcuts, no sound hole position, but in the top left of the keyboard visible word JBL, which represents 710s Plus cooperation with well-known audio manufacturers to provide JBL, left and right horn at the bottom of the fuselage, and support Dolby Audio audio technology, strengthening thin laptop sound output. In the bottom of the screen rotating shaft, it provides a long type heat sink design, supplemented by thin body heat dissipation.

This Lenovo IdeaPad 710s Plus Intel Core i5-6200U is equipped with 2.3GHz processor with 8GB DDR4 memory and 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad 710S Plus Battery,NVMe PCIe interface 256GB SSD storage device, although not equipped with the latest Intel seventh generation Core series processors, but GeForce 940MX plus NVIDIA DDR5 2GB display chip, the overall performance is thin, the flagship machine standard.

We took a screenshot of the screen at 24 hours and took a photo of the laptop. Every 24 hours, the resets in the figure will be increased by, and the time will be zero, we can see the figure of resets has become a 1. The maximum temperature has also risen to 50 degrees, but P51s is still in a stable state, baking machine screen and fan are not abnormal.

We can see the figure of resets has been changed to 2, within 48 hours of the whole machine load unchanged, but the temperature did not change at 50 DEG C, baking machine screen without exception, but no fan board under the condition of high temperature problems.

The final picture of the resets becomes 3, which means that P51s successfully stuck for 72 hours. At the same time we can see that there is no big change in temperature, the Flex dual fan has an amazing performance, and the noise is not as crazy as most games. Through the strict test after 72 hours, P51s still does not have any problems, and then continue to believe that 72 hours of P51s is not what the 3 * 24 hours of full load in the actual scene does not appear too, can pass this level of baking machine testing means that the quality and stability of P51s are located in a high the level of the studio this kind of high performance and high stability of professional equipment is preferred with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad P51s Battery.

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MSI GL62M Battery pk DELL XPS 13-9365 Battery

懸賞 2017年 02月 18日 懸賞

Through the bottom of the fuselage can clearly feel the powerful MSI GL62M performance. The heat radiating window occupies a larger space at the bottom, from the heat radiating window can clearly see the inside of the fan six brass double collocation, this should be part of conscience than many manufacturers to use two copper mold, coupled with MSI's unique strong cooling mode, remarkable performance in the heat of the machine.

MSI GL62M is the continuation of the series in terms of appearance design, although compared with other MSI series a lot of low-key, but compared with the market in the same configuration models still have an advantage, especially the overall excellent feel very commendable. Of course, in addition to the appearance, the machine's internal heat dissipation module is also a bright spot, although the end of the game, but there is not lost in the high-end game of the heat level, very good.

The keyboard is an important part of MSI GL62M with 6cell MSI GL62M Battery had to mention, although the end of the MSI products, but still match the game keyboard rui. This makes MSI GL62M keyboard feel can replace the general external keyboard. The feel, the MSI GL62M keyboard rebound intensity is very large, and the single button is relatively hard, the use of the time will be issued very crisp "Da Da" sound. When playing the game, GL62M keyboard is very awesome, compact keyboard is very suitable for the story relatively tight game.

The overall feeling of the touchpad is very similar to that of the keyboard. Touch panel surface is relatively rough processing, when the touch is dry and not greasy.

On the screen, the Toshiba port - X30 ultra - this uses a 13.3 - Inch anti glare fog screen, with a resolution of 1366 x 768. As with Z830, when one hand opening and closing screen of X30 also exist some deformation problems, which is mainly related to the overall design style of products.

In terms of the thickness of the machine, the Toshiba Portege X30 is not as extreme as the pursuit of extreme Z830, but to the overall premise of the machine. Nevertheless, Toshiba Portege X30 ultrabook in weight still has a very good performance, the weight is only 1.177kg, while the travel weight is 1.458kg, so the performance is still a good super competitive in the same type in the.

From the C perspective, Portege X30 with 6cell TOSHIBA Portege X30 Battery to Z30 than the previous order, in addition to a power switch button in the upper right corner, there is no shortcut key settings, all of them are dispersed in the keyboard and touch panel, which makes the machine look more unity.

Built in the seven generation of Intel core i5-Y, i7-Y ultra low CPU, i7-7Y75 and i5-7Y54 two models optional, integrated Intel HD Graphics 615 graphics core. They can be seen as the previous Core M iterative version of the product, the default frequency is lower, the corresponding power is relatively low. Perhaps because of this, the new version of the XPS 13 brings the maximum deformation of 15 hours of life. In addition, the new XPS 13 deformation of the Intel vPro also supports vPro technology, it can provide better security, and is convenient for batch management in enterprises. The memory and the hard disk offer the highest 16GB LPDDR3 and 1TB SSD configurations, with respect to the I/O extension which only retains the USB Type-C (compatible with Thunderbolt 3).

DELL CES exhibition last night before the launch of the new conference, the official website has been officially put on the U.S. DELL website, priced at $999. XPS 13 notebook combo adds flip touch capabilities in the original XPS 13 on the basis of touch is more convenient, can be used in tablet mode, better use collocation stylus.

After so many changes in the band, the shape of XPS 13 is also fixed, the A and C surface of the aluminum alloy, as well as carbon fiber sandwich and skin C face, does give a familiar feeling with 7.6v built-in DELL XPS 13-9365 Battery. The use of ultra narrow frame is to put on the edge of the rMBP looks like the product of the last century, the overall size is also a small circle.

On the right side of the interface, from left to right, Jack USB 2 mixed headset microphone jack, RJ-45 network port, notebook lock, between the network interface and set aside a bit CD-ROM notebook lock. The configuration of this Tecra X40 is equipped with a AMD A12-9700P processor, 8G DDR4 memory, 256GB SSD, Radeon R8 M435DX graphics card, we have the following one by one test.

Tecra X40 is equipped with a AMD seventh generation A12-9700P APU, with 10 core computing (4CPU+6GPU), based on the frequency of 2.5GHz, the highest intelligence can be overclocked to 3.4GHz, built-in TOSHIBA Tecra X40 Battery, TDP was only 15W. CPU-Z does not accurately identify the processor model, but in the specification of the column accurate. In the test scores, the A12-9700P was 1063, and the nuclear fraction was about.

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DELL Latitude 5280 7280 Battery pk MSI GE63 GE73 Battery

懸賞 2017年 01月 17日 懸賞

At the same time, the plane of the B design is very simple, in addition to the top of the camera and the bottom of the LOGO and no other elements. B face is the middle of a 15.6 inch Full HD screen, while the fog surface design can also greatly reduce the effect of ambient light on its display effect.

Then the interface part, most of the machine interface are located on the left side of the fuselage, including 2 USB interface, 1 USB-TypeC interfaces, 1 headset interface, a network interface, a HDMI video interface and power interface. In the right side of the machine is the only one USB interface, CD-ROM and safety lock. It can be said that such a design is fully considered, reducing the number of left side of the interface can reduce the impact of the right hand manipulation of the mouse, is conducive to play the strength of the players. In addition, the speaker of the machine, card reader and indicator lights, are located on the front side of the machine, but also convenient for users to a certain extent.

At the end of the machine. The machine can flip over to see MSI GE63 at the bottom with MSI GE63 Battery with as many as four grid cooling holes, after the analysis of the four heat radiating holes are air inlet, cold air into the internal body from here, and then bring the heat blown out from the side of the fuselage of the thermovent, to form a complete air duct and help the cooling machine. At the same time, it can be seen that the bottom panel of the machine also has a very complex lines, combined with its heat hole, giving a sense of the future of science and technology, the game is full of this machine.

Next, is the highlight of B - display. DELL Latitude 12 is equipped with a 14 inch wide angle FHD anti glare screen, resolution of 1920*1080, with 72% NTSC color gamut, compared to the general display screen can provide a clear and vivid picture quality; support for the 178 degree angle, to ensure a good contrast and color reproducibility, showing the real picture in more angles anti glare function; the screen can also be convenient to the user can be used normally in outdoor light. The screen also uses the DELLEye Care technology, can effectively reduce the screen blue light, the eyes play a protective role.

From the above we can see that the DELL Latitude 12 also uses a narrow frame design in the most popular, while the screen frame is reduced to the 6mm, to achieve up to 80% the proportion of the screen, even if want to have the same 14 inch screen, but the body size was obviously reduced, improves the portability product.

Say "details determine the success or failure of a notebook computer will be welcomed by consumers, in addition to the exquisite and powerful performance, is also very important details of the design, then we will take a look at the DELL Latitude 12 with built-in DELL Latitude 7280 Battery gathered many details of setting up C and D have the kind of performance.

The MSI series has been in the forefront in the hardware configuration, basically NVIDIA's new conference just ended, equipped with the latest N card MSI will debut, plus the price of the awesome series, let MSI become very worthy of attention of many in the new game. So it is the evaluation of the protagonist MSI GE73, the first models equipped with the NVIDIA GTX1050 graphics card, performance in the game can surpass the previous generation, we look together.

A is the relatively large changes, which highlights mainly has two aspects, one is the surface treatment, MSI GE73 with 56wh MSI GE73 Battery is used in smooth grinding processing, provides a matte visual feeling, the feel is very smooth, accompanied by the sound of rustling; the other is the line A surface modification, large angle on both sides of the symmetrical diagonal let whole have a sense of hierarchy, is located in central MSILogo. The combination of the A surface is no longer monotonous at the same time, increasing the overall game temperament, it can be said that A surface design compared to the previous upgrade.

In PC products on the details, the first thing to think about is the interface. DELL Latitude 12 in the fuselage on the left and right sides, distributed video output, file transfer, audio output and other functions of a variety of interfaces. On the left side of the fuselage, with a support HDMI video output interface, an audio transmission support headset microphone combo interface, a support function of the USB type C Gen1 display interface and a USB3.0 interface to support USB+Charger. On the right side of the fuselage is equipped with 1 SD card reader and the support of the file transfer and external input device USB2.0 interface. Regardless of the type or quantity, DELL Latitude 12 interface settings are very rich, can meet the daily needs.

Notebook C surface is the main input function area, the first thing is to see the keyboard. DELL Latitude 12 full-size integrated backlit keyboard, the key process of 1.6mm, the key surface smooth and ergonomic design, key fluctuation in the appropriate effective noise reduction at the same time, can also provide a good operation feeling. The brightness of the appropriate keyboard backlight allows the user to see the key letters in the dark, but also will not cause harm to the eyes.

Second input function area, is used as a mouse touchpad. DELL Latitude 12 using the integrated metal touch panel, touch panel and wrist operation supporting integrated, seamless, can effectively prevent liquid or dust into the internal body damage to hardware configuration. The degree of fluctuation of the touch pad is moderate, so that every time a knock has a response, but not too much noise, can create a good quiet environment, will not disturb others rest.

Latitude 12 D face looks very simple design with 4cell DELL Latitude 5280 Battery , but it is not delicate and beautiful. C surface and D surface of the place where the use of streamline type, rounded corners in enhancing the appearance of beauty can also reduce the thickness of the body, but also to prevent sharp corners of the body caused by injury.

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MSI WS63 WT73VR Battery and DELL Latitude 5480 7480 Battery

懸賞 2017年 01月 14日 懸賞

From the point of view we draw the heat distribution, the fuselage high temperature area concentrated in the central right position is the location of the graphics processor, the highest temperature is 58.6 DEG C; the air outlet is back in high temperature region, the highest temperature is 58.9 DEG C. This is the result of the heat sink in the graphics card / processor to achieve the highest load of the case, the daily game does not continue to run at maximum load, so the daily game temperature will be lower.

PCMark 8 is the performance benchmark testing software for Windows system, household (Home) test is one of a kind of test mode (5 total), is the main analog common user environment, the test project covers web browsing, document processing, image edge, video chat and light load games and so on, and includes the OpenCL with the acceleration of traditional two test modes. In 100% the brightness of the screen, open the backlight keyboard + other lighting effect under the condition of PCMark 8 gives the test result of 2h20min, this also means that in the absence of an external power supply by battery power, it can still guarantee that you can have more than 2 hours of game time, overall is good.

Here we will all the information together to facilitate the view. Hardware configuration, MSI WS63 equipped with Intel Core, the new i7-7700HQ processor, and the collocation is 8GB DDR4 2400 memory, 8cell MSI WS63 Battery, 256GB SSD solid state hard drive, and we are most concerned with the graphics part, it is the mainstream game player the choice of NVIDIA is GeForce GTX 1050Ti, 4GB GDDR5 memory collocation. MSI WS63 uses the GTX 1050Ti graphics card on the flagship game with the missed, which aimed at the majority of the group is the main players.

In addition, expand the interface of Latitude 7480 is extremely rich, a total of 2 USB2.0 ports, a USB3.0 port, a ray port, an SD card slot, can fully meet the daily office learning needs of users, it is very convenient. The new 7480 opened a new chapter in this year's Latitude update, in the end what is the performance of it? We see below. Latitude 7480 A on the surface of the cover Latitude inherited the consistent use of a concentric circle drawing texture, is still CNC CNC machine tool by stamping process, maintain a high force as in the past. Although it seems that there is a clear texture of the drawing, but it has not felt a clear sense of stripes, but more like matte.

It is worth mentioning that, Latitude 7480 uses a 1080P Full HD resolution's IPS screen, and matte anti glare technology, not only the color performance, but also to adapt to the more use of the environment. The top of the screen (from left to right) is the light sensor, camera, camera status indicator. There is a circle around the screen shockproof rubber pad, on the one hand, can protect the screen when the accident falls, you can also cover the cover to avoid direct collision with the C.

Latitude uses and dorsal island style keyboard before the same buttons feel, can only be said to be satisfactory, not what amazing place, which should be regarded as the common problem of all thin, after all, in such a small thickness is difficult to provide key process long enough. Different from other brands, Latitude 7480 will switch button and button design together with 4cell DELL Latitude 7480 Battery, and with the same appearance, only in cap on the design of a power status indicator. This design can ensure the C surface clean, but for the blind friends, more or less increased when the Delete error according to the probability to shut down key.

Performance is awesome, but only one hand. The stability of the studio is a very important point, drawing or image processing long time, before saving a crash would be from directly dropped to the great rejoicing. So this is so for video studio and 3D studio, and more serious is that after the completion of the production of the initial work will be after long time rendering work, the whole machine is in high load. And if the last section of the long rendering of the crash, then the entire rendering time is wasted, only re rendering. So we launched the 72 hours for the designer PC baking machine test, is divided into professional software and machine baking machine baking machine.

Taking into account the designer studio may be to undertake a major case, will face a long time MSI WT73VR Battery uninterrupted use of the work of the actual work of design software. We use special software to run the script, test the product in 72 hours uninterrupted operation of AE and 3D Max software performance.

This machine is equipped with Intel core i5-6200U processor, 14nm process based on the core code named Skylake, using the 2 core 4 thread design, the initial frequency of 2.30GHz, sharing the three level cache is 3MB, the standard TDP 15W. We use the CINEBENCH R15 on the performance of this processor is tested, the single core score of 108 points, two score of 275 points, the overall performance is excellent, it should be said to deal with all kinds of current mainstream applications can provide good operation performance.

Solid state drive to enhance the experience for all to see, Latitude 5480 is equipped with a 240GB solid state drive, through the AS SSD Benchmark test can be seen, it's hard disk read and write ability is quite good. Next, we also adopted the overall performance of the PCMark 8 of the product was evaluated, test items for Home, Creative, Work three projects, including several Web browsing, word processing, image processing, video processing and so on, close to the user's actual application mode.

Latitude 5480 is the latest product with 8cell DELL Latitude 5480 Battery, the continuation of the tradition of the series, on the basis of the original display on aspects of the evolution, whether it is new or narrow frame design, with a new high visibility, high color display, see the DELL in this product have an ulterior motive.

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MSI WE62 WE72 Battery PK ASUS B9440UA Battery

懸賞 2017年 01月 13日 懸賞

MSI WE62 uses the keyboard design mainstream, starting from the practical point, the key elasticity is moderate, the key process is better, the small keyboard set for the game game player has a richer set of shortcut keys, we also see the special red logo below the WSAD four standard game direction key, this this game is the exclusive set. In touch panel, MSI WE62 uses an integrated design, after all, it is not too high in the game's appearance rate, so that the design makes C face more beautiful.

MSI WE62 and A C in the face has a surface like sharp cutting, design the power button in the upper left corner of the irregular quadrilateral shape also has a corresponding pattern carved on the right side. The keyboard is the entire trap, feel more comfortable. 16 million color RGB backlight keyboard is still more attractive, the key process is moderate, relatively soft feedback, more effort. Touch panel is split two key touch panel, not easy to touch.

MSI WE62 interface is rich, and not in the front and tail set any interface, but all are arranged at both sides of the left and right, on the left side of the interface from top to bottom for the power supply interface, RJ45 network interface, two miniDP interfaces, 10.86V MSI WE62 Battery,standard HDMI interface, a USB interface, a Type-C interface, USB 3 card reader. Right from top to bottom in turn is a USB 3, a USB 2, microphone interface, headphone interface, can meet the needs of most users.

From the AMD mobile graphics core is not common, but AMD (ATI) a powerful graphics card makes the choice of A card as a single notebook can be achieved at a lower price better graphics. This R5 is M335 AMD's classic entry-level graphics card, the performance is slightly higher than the latest Nvidia of level 930M graphics, the only problem is probably the calorific value will be slightly larger, more excellent thermal design needs to play its maximum performance advantages.

In the performance of the machine from the theoretical value of the CineBench test, ASUSPRO B9440U performed well, from the test data, it is necessary to deal with HD video and the general mainstream online games. PCMark test set up a lot of daily use will be used in the application, the other machine performance testing software to better reflect the actual operation of the machine. ASUSPRO B9440U in the classic PCMark 7 to get a good score of more than three thousand points, PCMark8 performance test results are also very good.

The latest Skylake architecture of sixth generation intelligent Intel Core i7 Processor?? mark and the previous generations have relatively large differences, one can easily recognize the ratio of blue represents high performance and higher energy consumption. Its touchpad with a one-piece design, slightly sunken into the C surface. The advantage of this design is to have a larger touch area, more comfortable to use daily. Below the C surface and a left on product characteristics of stickers, C lower right is the latest Skylake architecture of sixth generation intelligent Intel core?? logo and AMD high performance i7 graphics processor, PROB9440U is equipped with the flagship low entry I7-6500U processor and R5 graphics card M330.

In the interface, PROB9440U on the left side of the machine has a power interface, RJ45 cable interface, heat sink, HDMI interface, a generation of fast charging function of the USB3.0 interface with an SD card slot. Interface between the set aside enough distance, there will be no difference in the HDMI line can not use the USB interface.

And on the right side of the machine is arranged in a notebook lock interface, a DVD CD-ROM, 4cell ASUS B9440U Battery, two USB2.0 interface and a 3.5mm audio interface. Although due to cost control and other reasons is only equipped with a USB3.0 interface with some regret, but a total of three USB interface is sufficient for daily use.

Relatively speaking, the pressure of the AE machine is relatively lower than the other two baking machine test, so the temperature does not reach the limit of the machine, but also does not appear to restart the phenomenon of death. MSI WE72 deal with a very relaxed, baked some of the day-to-day operation is still very smooth. In the distribution of heat, we can also see the front of the heat is much lower than the back, and the effect of double fans is very obvious. Video studio when using MSI WE72 will have the same feelings, finished rendering, or preview, MSI WE72 will remain in a very stable and smooth state, improve work efficiency, feel more smooth, more rapid progress of the project.

We then use the 3DS Max for more rigorous testing. Because the 3DS Max comes with a command line rendering command, we need to loop the command line rendering command and delete the generated files, which will last for 48 hours. We will use a thermal imager in rendering 24 hours and 48 hours of node measurements.

3DS Max rendering of the hardware to extract more thoroughly in baked after 24 hours, MSI WE72 back to achieve a high temperature, but the operation did not feel caton. And the high temperature area basically concentrated in the bottom of the center and the top of the air outlet, the other areas are still maintained at 30~40 DEG C, is still comfortable operation. A 3D design studio, the most worried about is in the process of designer, the crash of the phenomenon in the process of the rendering of products, as previous work time in vain, and MSI WE72 in this heat can still continue rendering without error with MSI WE72 Battery, can guarantee in the daily operation in high temperature without worrying about the crash or restart the machine after the completion of the work, and rendering, can also access to timely modify.

The machine adopts ASUS D plastic panel always black works with a removable battery structure, below also provides very convenient apart for quick dismantling structure of hard disk and memory replacement, convenient for users to upgrade the memory and hard disk. The speaker hidden in the bottom of the D surface, the symmetry of each of the design is very standard.

Overall, ASUSPRO B9440U appearance of very talented in the family video interface, complete and reasonable arrangement, PRO series of more than ten years of research design skill. In the hardware configuration, ASUSPRO B9440U uses the sixth generation intelligent Intel Core i7 Processor?? I7-6500U from AMD R5 335M collocation graphics card with the built-in HD 520 graphics core core array of hardware components. The 8GB memory with it than most of the home video equipped with 4GB of memory is more advantageous, and 1TB from WD mechanical hard disk is obviously a priority for capacity requirements, often in terms of computer store photos, movie home users than with a small capacity SSD to be more practical.

As one of the cornerstones of the absolute performance, from the latest Intel Skylake architecture of the sixth generation intelligent Intel core?? advanced process i7 I7-6500U processor with 14nm, dual core four thread. 4cell ASUS B9440UA Battery,To silence 2.5Ghz with the highest frequency of 3.1Ghz core frequency based on TDP in 15W, to ensure the low power consumption and low fever at the same time has a strong performance in the CPU-Z test in both single core or multi-core performance performance was superior to that of the Haswell era flagship I7-4558U.

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93wh ASUS GX501V GX501VI Battery and HP ProBook 640 650 G3 Battery

懸賞 2017年 01月 11日 懸賞

NVIDIA GTX 10 series cards issued for game enthusiasts boiling, it makes their performance strong game player can get a better gaming experience, of course, the major game manufacturers also in the efforts, the GTX 10 equipped with a series of new graphics products placed on the shelves in a short period of time. NVIDIA first released only GTX 1060/1070/1080, according to the Convention should have GTX 1050, until a few months later, it appeared in front of us.

Through the limit Kaoji rigorous testing, we see ASUS ROG GX501V performance is quite good, from the keyboard area, where the largest heat radiating window is near the maximum temperature of 45.5 degrees, and throughout the C surface, the temperature control are maintained at 40 DEG C, even full load carrier, temperature control performance of ASUS ROG GX501V is also quite good.

Look at the bottom of the fuselage, the main heat source is still near the window, the maximum temperature reached 62 degrees Celsius, while most of the rest of the region are under the control of the temperature of 40 degrees celsius. Thus, in the case of a long time full load running ROG GX501V with 9cell ASUS GX501V Battery still do not have to worry about the problem of heat dissipation, but also because the heat will not affect the user experience.

First, let's take a look at the weight and thickness of the measured GX501V. In fact, too much discussion of the problem of the portable game and not too much significance, even with a highly portable game, will be more heavy than the traditional light of this, life is also far less than the low performance and low power consumption of the light. And the game design is often more wild, the noise is also large, not very suitable for public occasions. Of course, there are a number of small games out of the scene, so we still have to look at the portability of GX501V. GX501V thickness of about 27.1mm, the whole weight of 2.280kg, brigade weight 2.831kg, overall in the 15.6 inch game book is also relatively thin.

In our more concerned about the screen, GX501V uses a 15.6 inch Full HD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. We have previously said that this resolution is the best resolution of this high-end game at present, Windows has the best compatibility and resolution, GTX 1050Ti is not the top graphics, with ultra high resolution game pressure will be greater, 1080p just right.

At low load, we measured the maximum power consumption of 8.6 watts, very good. Under the stress test, the power consumption rose to 42.1 watts, and then quickly dropped to $30.5. The reason is that GPU and CPU down frequency. Its official power adapter output power of 45 watts.

Through our WiFi practice test we browse the different web pages. Power supply plan for "balance", not open power saving mode. We will usually test machine display brightness adjustment is 150 - cd/m, but it is not possible for ProBook 640 G3. Battery mode the highest brightness is only 81 - cd/m. The ProBook life time of 5 hours and 14 minutes, compared to the results of ProBook 640 G2 (7 hours and 4 minutes) is almost less than two hours.

HP Probook 640 G3 and its sister model Probook 640 G2 used the same mold. They are in the middle of the 15.6 inch business notebook. 640 G3 uses the AMD APU, while the 640 G2 uses a Intel processor. 640 G3 built-in HP ProBook 640 G3 Battery processor and can not play all the performance, because HP will limit the APU TDP in the 15 watts, making it with Intel ultra low power ULV architecture processor. Therefore, the dynamic overclocking technology 640 G3 CPU limited. Nevertheless, the performance of the machine for office and Internet browsing purposes is more than sufficient.

PCMark 8 is the performance benchmark testing software for Windows system, household (Home) test is one of a kind of test mode (5 total), is the main analog common user environment, the test project covers web browsing, document processing, image edge, video chat and light load games and so on, and includes the OpenCL accelerated with the traditional two test modes, in the choice of endurance test software will cycle until the batteries run out.

In order to better reflect the performance of GTX1050, we chose the 3DMark Strike Ultra, Fire Strike Extreme two benchmarks, the results are as follows: Fire:

Due to the performance of the Fire Strike Ultra not only related to the independence of the display, but also with other hardware products are inextricably linked, so we use Fire Strike Extreme results for comparison. We can see from above, although both belong to the series of GTX 1050, but 1050Ti in grades 1050 higher than about 36%, the gap is still quite obvious, of course, the two in the price certainly have a certain gap. If down, then, the strength of GTX 1050 is between GTX 970M and GTX 965M, much higher than GTX 960M, so how does it play in the game?

ASUS ROG GX501V first equipped with NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics card, from the test results, the ability between GTX 965M and GTX 970M, although the price is not known, but it certainly will not guess pricing is higher than that of GTX 965M products, and is likely to be lower than GTX 960M products, so it the price is more and more obvious. The ASUS GX501V with 93wh ASUS GX501VI Battery is also equipped with the latest generation of Intel's i7-7700HQ processor, than the previous generation products and improve the performance of about 10%, the overall level is pulled high again as a machine is more than sufficient office.

Factory settings in the screen in the DeltaE-2000 test the color difference is 8.7. The ideal score for this item should be less than 3. Moreover, the screen shows a clear blue hue.

HP ProBook 650 G3 with HP ProBook 650 G3 Battery belongs to the middle position of the business notebook. It is equipped with an expansion slot, a TPM security chip and a fingerprint recognizer. If there is a demand can also be added to a LTE mediation module. Our test machine can be purchased at a price of approximately 790 euros (~5878 yuan). Of course, there are other optional configuration. His highest price can be expensive at the same level with Intel processor 650 G2 series notebook.

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SAMSUNG Odyssey 15 Battery and DELL Precision 7720 Battery

懸賞 2017年 01月 10日 懸賞

Today, in addition to Apple still adhere to the mirror screen, there are few non touch screen models use such a design. Precision 7720 mirror screen reflectivity is low, high brightness, the actual experience can be seen under the strong light. In addition, Precision 7720 as a mobile workstation, high screen ratio and thin bring good portability for granted, but as the media to show high-definition works, the larger the screen the better.

When Dell Premier Color display and Precision 7720 collocation complement each other, such as UltraSharp 27, UltraSharp 32 series Chaoqing (5K, 4K) display, not only make full use of the high performance Precision 7720, Premier and Color display expression of lucidity of content.

Whether CGI animation, video clips and game development, both work and entertainment, large screen, high display makes no hide details, especially the UltraSharp 27 series 5K, pixel number more than 14 million, bring extraordinary clarity and sharpness of image. Plenty of space can also open applications, Dell Display Manager neatly and orderly display side by side to help deal with multiple tasks more efficiently. UltraSharp 27, UltraSharp 32 series also has a display of 99% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB, 8cell DELL Precision 7720 Battery the color of the control precision, vivid, and even further calibration, adjust the desired color patterns.

In simple terms, the memory is a temporary memory, users of the data to be read from disk into memory and then transfer to the processor. For example, the user to open the software, the production of pictures, documents are recorded in the memory operation. The increase in memory, in response to multi tasking, will naturally be more relaxed, large enough memory to improve the efficiency of system operation. Two memory can form a dual memory channel. Dual channel memory known as double channel, and what are the benefits? Here is a simple example, such as: compare an equally wide one-way lane and a two-way lane, which is faster? I believe that your answer must be two-way Lane faster. Memory is the same, the dual channel is to do a clear data. Let the data form a good cycle, there will be no congestion. The dual channel is much faster than the single channel, and the overall performance of the computer will be improved, the pressure is reduced, the service life is longer.

Now many applications can not be avoided, whether it is video conferencing or connection projection, has become an essential part of the work of young people now. A lot of high-end business has launched a docking or adapter, but still too much trouble. LENOVO to ThinkPad T570 to create a convenient and practical notebook, in the video interface under the foot work, compared to the single video interface, it provides two video interface, respectively, VGA interface and HDMI interface is the most practical, the two interface allows users can easily connect with the Department. The use of more convenient and comfortable.

If you are young, certainly very familiar with WiFi, know the public WiFi may exist many unsafe factors, but out of office business, or go to the public places, public WiFi connection is inevitable, it is also an important factor in many user passwords stolen. LENOVO to allow users to enjoy the use of more comfortable feeling, in the ThinkPad T570 notebook, the design of the fingerprint identification system, compared to the password to unlock, unlock the fingerprint recognition is more accurate and reliable, and can better protect the public security network, also can quickly enter the system. In addition to the fingerprint to unlock, ThinkPad T570 also built the hard disk drop technology, we all know that things are saved in the computer on the hard disk, but if the laptop broke off the hard drive, this case data will be lost. The hard disk drop technology is a good way to avoid such a problem. LENOVO ThinkPad T570 with 42wh LENOVO ThinkPad T570 Battery hard disk protection technology, the computer has not landed, hard to lose these precious memories and important information has been properly sealed. LENOVO hard disk drop protection technology, not only to protect the hard disk itself, eliminating the need for you to repeatedly repair the computer, restore the hard disk information, but also for the full protection of these content.

Of course, we can also see 15 more unique point: in the keyboard on the C surface, the 15 integrated NFC and fingerprint recognition. NFC a lot of people may not know, the full name of NFC is Near Field Communication, that is, short distance communication technology, rather than it is a wireless transmission technology, as it is a simple means of identification. Close to complete the verification, complete the connection with the peripherals directly, omit the complex Bluetooth /WiFi connection verification process. Fingerprint identification is a lot of people know, 15 using a press type fingerprint similar to iPhone, plus 10 Windows native support this biometric technology, when designers unlock without input complex password, fingerprint brush on the line, leaving only close the laptop can guarantee data security.

Overall, 15 with 8cell SAMSUNG Odyssey 15 Battery of the heat effect is very good, in the back of the test we can feel. In addition, the next 15 removable battery is easy to remove the hard disk, you can facilitate the designer to maintain the computer, backup information.

When I removed from the dust bag black Lenovo ThinkPad L570 moment with 6cells 42wh LENOVO ThinkPad L570 Battery, a thick texture will hit from the steady hand, touch the touch A with different metal wire drawing in the past, and when you see the A detailed lines when they found the answer. It is not the general drawing process of single direction, but two-way cross drawing method, compared to the single metal wire drawing to a stab hand feeling this is more gentle.

The entire cross - drawing line is all over the body, that is, in the case of closing all the metal surface are doing this treatment. That is because the full metal body by CNC processing, all the details of the lines are doing very fine hair symmetry, staggered body surface drawing level after processing to actually feel this is indeed very difficult, I show that this kind of material in the fingerprints.

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74wh DELL Inspiron 14-7467 15-7567 Battery

懸賞 2017年 01月 08日 懸賞

The design to make it look more frivolous, the overall design has been to super this line. On the left has a computer power supply interface, RJ45 network interface, HDMI interface, USB 3 interface and essential headset interface. The size of the net mouth and HDMI to join it to easily connect a variety of audio-visual equipment, in the absence of wireless networks can also be very convenient networking work.

On the other side is equipped with the necessary notebook lock, VGA interface, third USB 3 ports, a traditional USB2.0 interface and a SD card reader. VGA interface for the understanding of the importance of self-evident to the business office, and a plurality of USB interface and the original card is read into that it has a better scalability, even link multiple external devices can also dock unstable system without, to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

In addition, the internal computer integrated 720P HD camera and microphone array can also be hidden in remote conference come in handy - with high resolution narrow border of the screen and 6cell DELL Inspiron 15-7567 Battery, even more excellent experience network meeting will have to visit the site in general.

In the performance test link, Xiao Bian also did not say much multitexturing -- some of the data you can see that Inspiron 7567 is not real Kung Fu, I want to say probably only "this machine is really strong. In the case of super performance specifications, Inspiron 7567 thermal performance is also one of the focus of small series. As for the result, let Fluke's thermal imager tell us. The front is basically warm, long hours of typing is not a problem. A good air duct design allows the heat from the exhaust vent above the machine

As for the endurance performance, we can refer to small test data using PCMark 8 to run, in actual use, it must have a better performance. The new Inspiron 7567 Inspiron in the light of the traditional Vostro series expansion performance, interface function complete, through a bold improvement and increase the hardware configuration of the appearance die, let it out of the traditional universal category, strong comfort. Not in the safety and integrity of the interface under the knife, the light will be the first Inspiron series of thin, fashionable, so that it can be applied to a variety of new office scene. This change also makes it the target customers are no longer just ordinary white-collar workers, more suitable for a variety of needs of the start-up team to use. Xiao Bian personally very optimistic about the future development of this series, after all, the design thought is to have beautiful appearance of old bones, and the latest software and hardware configuration of the Inspiron light notebook, really much ah.

DELL Inspiron 7567 thin notebook equipped with DELL Inspiron 7567 Battery and high performance 4GB DDR4 memory, support the user to extend the dual channel, the highest can support the expansion of 16G memory, which means it can be equipped with dual 8GB memory, double channel memory, make notebook for higher speed, lower power consumption, higher performance, computer run more smoothly, increase the service life of the notebook.

The new Inspiron 7467 with a full size keyboard, cap surface with a comfortable kind of skin texture coating, feel relatively delicate. At the same time, it is worth noting that in the black cap has a red print, the design of the hit color was also extended to the C surface, and the style is very collocation. The use of hand, keyboard keys is deep, according to the pressure of soft keycap rebound quickly, percussion feel crisp, typing daily or game experience is no problem. At the same time, the keyboard also has a red backlight, backlight support two brightness adjustment, easy to use in a variety of environments.

Touch panel, Inspiron 7467 is equipped with an integrated touch panel, its surface using a micro matte processing, feel relatively delicate, comfortable. After the trial, I believe that the positioning of the touchpad precision, and is not easy to stick fingerprints, but also supports multi finger gestures, with the Windows 10 operating system, can greatly enhance the efficiency of the touchpad.

The interface, Inspiron 7467 with 54wh DELL Inspiron 14-7467 Battery on the left side of the fuselage has safety lock, power supply interface, USB interface, SD card slot 3. The right side of the fuselage has a total: 3.5mm headset microphone interface, 2 USB 3 interface (the right side of the interface to support the shutdown charging function), HDMI interface, RJ-45 cable interface. On the whole, the number of Inspiron 7467 interface is ideal, can meet the daily needs.

At the top of the screen, Inspiron 7467 also has a 720P camera, the camera also has a status indicator, while stereo microphone array combination, easy to network voice, video calls. Inspiron 7467 using the classic round boot button, and the design of the upper right corner of the C area of the fuselage, consistent with DELL's consistent design style.

As mentioned, D has a fuselage subwoofer, the work is mainly used in video games and in the process of sound experience, after the audition, I think its bass performance is steady, high permeability at the same time, whether it is listening to music, watching movies and playing games are ideal.

The evaluation of Inspiron 7467 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 7467 Battery is equipped with a Intel equipped with Core i7-6700HQ processor, it is Skylake micro architecture, 14nm process, four core eight thread design, the frequency is 2.6GHz, the maximum core frequency up to 3.5GHz, while the built-in HD 530 graphics core, overall TDP 45W.

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